Demonstration of why we need to avoid the door zone on a bicycle. Leave about 1.6 to 2 m clearance from side of car.

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Comment by Bob Moore on March 1, 2015 at 17:38
Riding in the door zone can be deadly, as the death of a cyclist in Melbourne recently showed. He was pushed into the path of a truck. There is a very graphic video of what happened, shown on channel 9, Melbourne. It was virtually instantaneous, no time to react.

I still see many cyclists riding far too close to car doors here, and on our rides too. I prefer to ride out in the traffic rather than in the car parking lane, unless it is very wide, or I am absolutely certain the car has no occupants. But once I was doored by a very short person who I didn't see inside the car.
As the video suggests, you should be about 12 feet from the Kerb, or 3.7 m. If car occupies 2 m, this means about 1.7 m from the side of the car, which will put you often to the right of the lane line. It takes some getting used to, and not always possible, but it is legal and safer in many cases. Exceptions are on high speed roads, or trucks are frequent, or you are going less than 10 km/h.
An article here covers this topic quite well

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