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Join Bicycle NSW

Now is a good time to consider joining Bicycle NSW. They have a new CEO and are taking a more active part in promoting the interests of members.

Bicycle NSW is the peak State body…


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Tour de Sicily

Last day in Sicily, after three weeks and about 700 km of cycling. Tomorrow I fly to Rome and then Copenhagen to see my son and also meet Elaine, who has been on a choral tour with Bel Acapella.

I started on May 1, at Palermo airport, and now back in Palermo itself, taking the train to the airport in the morning, which is 35 km out of town.

I went anticlockwise around the coast of Sicily to Trapani, Marsala, Sciacca, Agrigento,then a train trip into the centre to Caltanissetta…


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Ludwig Leichhardt - born 200 years ago

Missing Australian explorer Leichhardt and his map (Photo: National Library of Australia; State Library of new South Wales)

Leichhardt was named after Ludwig Leichhardt who was born 200 years ago this year. He came to Australia in 1842 after studying Natural Sciences in Germany, and was a very talented scientist. He led several minor exploring expeditions  then completed a very long and difficult journey in 1844-5 from Moreton Bay near Brisbane to Port Essington, north of present Darwin.

On return he planned another expedition from the east coast to the west coast of Australia. He…


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President's Report for 2012

LBUG kept rolling in 2012, with over 35 day rides and several longer tours, thanks to our ride leaders. We have ten BNSW accredited leaders. Rides ranged from the regular EasyRides on the first Sunday of the month to Mike Macdonald's 2 week tour of the Flinders Ranges. Heather Manning organised several good weekend tours to country NSW. Jamie Honan organised the Yass to Wee Jasper weekend.

LBUG members also participated in the Supertuesday bike counts for local councils (organised by… Continue

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EasyRide to Eveleigh

Thanks to everyone for coming along on our August EasyRide. Perfect weather for a cruise around the foreshores of Glebe and Pyrmont and through Darling Harbour. Then we wound our way through Ultimo and Glebe to Victoria Park to City Road, left down Codrington from the Uni Gates, to Eveleigh Market for a coffee and a browse in the arts and craft stalls (first Sunday of every month). There are plentiful bike racks and seats in the sun for a cup of coffee.

Welcome to the new riders… Continue

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Battle of Booth St

Have been to a couple of lengthy meetings with Leichhardt and City of Sydney Councils, RTA and a developer over a proposed roundabout at Wigram Rd and Booth St. David Borela from Bike Sydney was also at the last meeting. Quite a dangerous intersection, with buses and other vehicles turning left and right across cyclists' paths. Have had a near miss there myself when a 370 bus pulled out of Wigram, and then there's the narrowing shoulder as you head over the bridge up Booth towards Bridge Rd.… Continue

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Adelaide to Geelong by any means.

The Committee very kindly paid for me to go to the 4th Australian Cycling Conferencein Adelaide in January. The speakers were interesting and I enjoyed the company of a diverse lot of cyclists and transport planners all interested in cycling in one form or another. I will do a summary of some of the papers or you can download abstracts from the link.

LBUG paid for me to fly over but I paid for my own way back,…


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Council Bicycle Committee- seeking new members

Robert Johnson is leaving next year so we need a replacement  (or three, Robert has done the work of at least three, many thanks Robert). Anyone keen on doing valuable community work and making a contribution to Bike Planning in Leichhardt and the Inner West is more than welcome to come along to the next meeting- February 8 next year.

I have been going to the Leichhardt Bicycle Advisory Committee (LBAC) for about 4 years now, since it was set up to monitor the Council's Bike Strategy.…


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Reindeers and Vikings

Just got back from six weeks in Scandinavia and nearby countries, including Russia. Elaine and I flew to Rovaniemi in northern Finland, after changing in Helsinki. 24 hours after leaving Sydney we were on the Arctic Circle.

After a day there, looking at reindeer farms and some modern architecture, we joined a Cosmos bus tour to North Cape at the top of Europe, in Norway. Passed through the Sami (Lapplanders) country, where reindeers graze by the road side. Elks too, although we didnt…


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Route Cadel Evans

Having spent the last three weeks engrossed by the Tour de France (thank heavens for i-view) it is time to return to normal life. No more dizzying descents or lung-busting climbs. No more immersion in the mountain scenery of France or the gateaux of Gabriel. Back to the streets and burbs of Sydney and every day cycling.

I do feel though that Cadel should be honoured in some way. There has been a suggestion by a City of Sydney Councillor to rename the College St cycleway after Cadel,…


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Scoop- you heard it here first

Howard Oak Cut Down!

On Saturday the oak planted for John Howard in the Corridor of Oaks in Faulconbridge was a young sturdy looking specimen about 2.5 m high, next to the other oaks planted in honour of Australian Prime Ministers. LBUG passed by about 11 am in the morning on our Penrith to Katoomba Challenge and stopped for a brief break in the shady park in Sir Henry Parkes Drive, and the oak was thriving. The next day on our return trip down… Continue

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Darling I'm Back!

The LBUG Outback Tourers are back- all in one piece. Some came back by train, some drove and some flew. We had a whale of a time, and only got bogged once- but it took all day to get out, and only because of a very helpful local grazier and his sturdy Toyota diesel. Had to change plans because of the muddy back roads so the last few days were spent around Broken Hill and Silverton rather than along the Darling to Menindee. The first few days, before the rain, along the Darling, were excellent,… Continue

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Akuna Bay Mothers Day Classic

LBUG has been doing this ride for more than 10 years now. I can recall Trevor Briggs, noted long distance cyclist, from Balmain, being the tail end charlie on one ride, and that was a long time ago. It is a brilliant ride on a good day, and today was one of the best- perfectly mild and sunny, no wind, green bush, and sparkling water. The run along the beaches was delightful and there was even a good surf running. I always love riding past the statue of The Duke near Harbord… Continue

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Wee Jasper Gasper

Just got back from the tour from Yass to Gundagai via Wee Jasper and

Tumut. There were three LBUG Tourers on the trip, me, Mike and Rob. Some steep climbs and long

fast descents, plenty of scenery and friendly country towns.

Things started well with the Greyhound bus to Yass from Eddy Av on Friday. No

hassle with bikes, just loaded them straight on in the freight section

under the bus. Tied them to supports with some bungees and they

travelled standing up- no… Continue

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Trip to France

Elaine and I are back from France. We did about 3 weeks cycling, including a week in Paris on the Velibs(free city bikes), 5 days on hire bikes in the Loire Valley, 9 days similarly in Provence, a few days rest in Nice and the rest driving around in hire cars or speeding along on the fantastic French railways.

We arranged the trip through World Expeditions and their cycle tour offshoot, U Tracks. Local French companies supplied the bikes, maps with route notes, and they transported… Continue

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At the April Traffic Committee

At the TC on Thursday there was quite a bit decided. Council has put substantial extra money into the Bike Plan (see recent item on this) but it has to be spent this financial year. So the staff have been working their butts off drawing up construction plans for several routes in the Bike Plan. These are EW2, EW3, NS5.

Route EW2 runs from Flood St in west to Nelson St in east, crossing Norton St, Balmain Rd and Johnston St. It is close to and parallels Parramatta Rd along Albert,… Continue

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What can you do?

Members of LBUG can do a lot. Or a little. Its up to you. We appreciate anyone who contributes to the cause of cycling or who just enjoys cycling.

If you are a keen rider, then help out with the rides we do most weekends. Leaders and sweepers (tail-end charlies) are always wanted, and riders who can encourage others and help with pointing the way and looking out for stragglers and the less experienced. Get involved with the… Continue

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What does the President do?

I get asked every now and then what the President of LBUG does. As many keen cyclists and activists in other areas will appreciate, its a lifestyle thing really, keeps you busy and involved with a lot of things happening in the community.

I've been President of LBUG for about 15 years, since the founder, Andrew Naughton, a young doctor at the Children's Hospital, moved away from the area. LBUG started in about 1991-92 with a meeting of cyclists in Andrew's house in Annandale. The… Continue

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