Inner West Bicycle Coalition (IWBC)

Bike Leichhardt, Bike Marrickville and AshBUG have formed a coalition to deal with issues and common interests in the new, amalgamated Innerwest Council area. Each group is retaining their separate identities on local matters but aims to have a single voice on area wide issues and promotion.

Neil Tonkin, ex-CEO of BicycleNSW and resident of Leichhardt, is the coordinator of the IWBC, and acts on issues raised by the three groups at joint meetings.

Current issues IWBC is dealing with or concerned with are Lilyfield Rd Regional Route, access to the Rozelle/Lilyfield Rail Yards, repurposed Glebe Island swing bridge, extension of the Greenway through the railway cutting in Leichhardt, and developing a safer bike route along Pyrmont Bridge Road.

Neil will be attending the Innerwest Council Transport Reference Group and other meetings as they arise with authorities such as RMS, Transport for NSW, Uban Growth.

Feedback is welcome from members of the three bike groups on what IWBC is doing and ideas on what it could get involved with.

A website will be developed for the IWBC but until then some content will appear here.


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Comment by Bob Moore on March 1, 2017 at 22:27
Dive site issue:

A "dive site" is a mid point shaft along a tunnel to remove rock and soil to make tunnelling quicker. They could do without and remove all spoil from an end of the tunnel. Proposed sites are near Leichhardt Secondary and near Dan Murphys in Darley Rd.
Comment by Bob Moore on March 1, 2017 at 22:18
Inner West Council put out a community notice called "Protecting Our Community from Westconnex". It says they want to prevent any increase in traffic on local streets due to toll avoidance when the motorway is opened, and will be looking at traffic calming measures on some roads to deter "rat running", and to increase pedestrians and cyclist safety. They even mention installing bike lanes on or along Victoria Rd, since Westconnex themselves are saying traffic on Victoria Rd should lessen substantially once the tunnel under Rozelle is built as it will connect with ANZAC Bridge and the City West Link.

Amen to all that, and bike lanes on Balmain Rd past Callan Park should be able to be put in too, since a lot of traffic could use the tunnel rather than the intersection at Victoria Rd and Darling St. Tebbutt St/Foster/Darley Rd Is another road where traffic should be lessened. In fact it could be cut completely if the "dive site" is located near the Leichardt North Light rail station on the new Dan Murphys site, as discussed in the press- they wouldn't put it next to Leichhardt Secondary would they? Hundreds of trucks

Could be a useful process to get involved in. There will be public meetings in March or April.

Residents of the Inner West should do their bit to reduce traffic too, by walking and cycling more. It's not just people from other areas doing the rat running.
Comment by Bob Moore on February 22, 2017 at 6:36
A good meeting with RMS and TfNSW and CIty of Sydney on Tuesday 21/2 about putting bike lanes or other bicycle provisions on Pyrmont Bridge Rd. It is a popular commuting route, over 500 a day, and is wide enough in most of its length for bike lanes or other treatments to make it safer for cyclists. It has been identified as a regional bike route on various plans but has so far escaped any improvements. A chance was missed in 2015 when the road was resheeted, ie new pavement put down. According to their own guidelines they should have taken the opportunity to mark bike lanes or otherwise provide for cyclists. There was even a plan drawn up by CoS but, for various reasons, it didn't get acted on.

Anyway, this time it seems everyone is on board and RMS is going to look at the plans, see if some safety concerns raised in an Audit can be addressed, and hopefully submit a revised plan for funding out of a maintenance budget or other available funds.

Plans are also underway for the Fishmarket area, to get shared paths and bike crossings of the roads installed. This should make it legal, and easier, to get through the complicated intersection under the flyover by using the footpaths. A better access to Bulwarra Rd is also planned, so cyclists can get to Miller St and head for the City on Miller and Union Sts, rather than battle traffic up Pyrmont Bridge Rd through Harris St.
Comment by Bob Moore on February 2, 2017 at 12:00
A submission has been made to Bayside Council (old Kogarah Council) on a DA from a developer to relocate Kogarah Golf Course to public land south of the M5 that will affect the bike route from Cooks River to Brighton. Bike East, Bike Marrickville and Bicycle NSW also made submissions.

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