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An ever expanding list of things Bike Leichhardt advocates are and have been involved in. Your support for these efforts is welcome- write to Councils and the RMS, come to meetings, spread the word.

There is a list of Council contacts, references and interesting web sites at the end, including guides from Dutch and Danish authorities on how to to do bicycle planning.

A map of Leichhardt LGA with cycle routes, existing and proposed, plus hazards and improvements. Feedback welcome.

Leichhardt is now part of the Innerwest Council, along with the former Marrickville and Ashfield Councils. See Bike Leichhardt is part of a new Inner West Bicycle Coalition with Bike Marrickville and Ashfield BUG, to speak with one voice on Inner West issues.

--------Issues and campaigns------------


Lilyfield Rd cycleway upgrade

Transport for NSW has told Leichhardt Council they want a separated cycleway along Lilyfield Rd, similar to the two way cycle paths in the city. The council was given up to $500 K, bigger than the Councils entire bike budget, to hire a consultant to devise a plan. GHD Woodhead was given the job. A first draft was exhibited in June 2016, where there was some criticism of the need for a cycleway, given that the Council has been improving it with a number of uphill bike lanes and prominent bicycle markings, even signs saying "cyclists can use the full lane". Also, the safety of two way cycle paths down the steep hills was questioned. A second plan will be exhibited on Nov 29, Tuesday, at 630 pm in the Leichhardt Town Hall. Come along and have a look to see if these and other questions have been answered in this revised plan. See the Forum discussionfor more.



Bays Precinct Mega Project

Urban Growth NSW ( been created to, you guessed it, stuff more people and buildings into Sydney. Their next big project is redevelopment of the 80 ha Bays Precinct, around the foreshores of Blackwattle and Rozelle Bays, including the Rozelle/Lilyfield Goods Yard area, the old White Bay Power Station and the old Glebe Island Bridge. Despite not intending to release a Masterplan until August 2015, UG have been somewhat rail- railroaded already by the State Govt, who said today (SMH,19 Dec 2014) that they want 16,000 new "homes", plus business space. That would be easy really, 40 towers of 20 floors each, with 20 units per floor. Whatever the target, [and they have since retracted the specific target]transport and lifestyle issues are going to mean cycling will have to be catered for. UG have a Bicycle Section in their planning team, and Bike Leichhardt, with Bicycle NSW and other bike groups had a meeting, where we were told bicycle planning will be a major priority.

The project is a golden chance to improve routes into the City and develop new routes between Annandale and Rozelle for instance, as well as create a bicycle friendly development for those 30,000 or so new residents. It is attracting world wide interest, a panel of planning experts was convened to offer their ideas on what this project should be aiming for. It will also be [was,its now a year later]an issue in the State Elections, with much argument over densities and open space. As Verity Firth points out on her website, it will have more residents than Glebe,Annandale and Rozelle combined, plus the business population.



A-Maze on Pyrmont Bridge.

Plan to erect a huge steel trellis on Pyrmont Bridge, 6 m wide and 130 m long, plus hold cooporate events etc. This on a public thoroughfare and important bicycle commuter link from the west (over 1000 peak hour trips) that already has enough conflicts between cyclists and pedestrians. A DA is before the City Council, comments close 2/9/14,  or email opposition to the Minister of Planning at



Retain the old Glebe Island bridge. Transport for NSW is calling for  feedback

More info here and here.


CBD Access Plan

State Govt has just released its long awaited City Access Plan. Has a cycling chapter, with some good bits in it. Have a read.

Have your say (Note 2016: links now dead, probably can be accessed by a search on Transport for NSW website).


*Leichhardt Bike Budget Cut*- Liberal and labor Councillors cut the $400K funding for the Bike Plan to zero for 2013-14. Vital that they resume funding in 2014/5. Sign the petition to seek resumption of funding at

Send an email to More details in the Forum discussions- search under "budget cut".

Update in June 2014- Council approved the budget, including $400K for cycling.Labor voted for the budget this time, Liberals proposed a cut to only $100K, but were outvoted.

Update 2016: the budget has been maintained again, but no increase to allow for inflation or new projects.


Sunday Streets - close(some)local streets to motor vehicles on Sundays for walking, cycling, exercise, based on the Ciclovia concept. A growing movement around the world, particularly in the USA . Daniel Kogoy, Greens Councilor, has proposed one for the Inner West, but can grow to be Sydney-wide. See more details on the petition at or on the facebook page for sundaystreetssydney.

Update May 2014: Marrickville Council has supported an event. Planning for an event in October 2014 is taking place.


Leichhardt Council's Bicycle Strategy. Help oversee implementation of the Council's Bike Strategy by attending the Leichhardt Council Bicycle Advisory Committee meetings. Second Wednesday of the month, Feb, May,Aug,Nov. 630pm, Town Hall. New Bike Plan being developed for 2014-2019. 


City West Cycle Link A proposal by BikeSydney to put a bike path through the railway cutting to connect Hawthorne Canal/Greenway with Lilyfield and Anzac Bridge cycleway. Eco Transit  has also proposed this. Also see the Rozelle Goods Yard item below.

Victoria Road Upgrade for cyclists. New bridge, new paths, new routes from Drummoyne to Rozelle. Now finished, but still a few problems. Many rate the shared path along Victoria Road as one of the bumpiest in Sydney, with poles and other obstructions proliferating, despite many emails by cyclists.

The Greenway- a bike and walking link next to the railwayfrom Hawthorne Canal at Iron Cove to Cooks River Cycleway in Marrickville was approved as part of the light rail extension but was then put on hold in 2013 by the new Liberal Govt through lack of any budget to build it. In 2016 the Liberal Govt finally allocated $7.5 m to the project, if the local councils (now the Innerwest Council) matched the funds. The main need after that is to link the Hawthorne Canal to the Anzac Bridge/Glebe cycleways. (see CWCL item above)]

Bay Run- The (former) local member, Verity Firth, obtained a grant of $700,000 for SHFA (Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority) for paving the unpaved section near Callan Park. Now finished, check it out. Love the wide smooth bits. Hate those bollards.

Rozelle Goods Yard and White Bay Masterplan. Also Cruise Passenger Terminal and Temporary Exhibition Centre projects and retention of the Glebe Island Bridge.

Sydney Metro- Central to Rozelle. The project was canned, after a huge amount of money was spent on preparations, but now (2016) looks like being resurrected as a City to Parramatta Rd rail link.

Balmain Rd improvements. As the major flat route for cyclists between Leichhardt and Rozelle you would expect it to be made safe for cyclists. It is slowly getting better, but more needs to be done, particularly a safer crossing of the City West Link and a shared path over the railway bridge? See Callan Park item for some opportunities.

Callan Park - possible bike routes and improvements. Includes an off road bike path along the Balmain Rd/Darling St frontage and a children's circuit.

Safety Audits- LBUG photo report on problems on Leichhardt Municipality roads. Send in any photos of cycle hazards or problems- use the Quick Add (photos) box in right column of home page, or start a Discussion. And send a copy to the Council with a request to fix the problem - they do respond!

Veloplano - a mapping site for bicycle related hazards, safety issues, bike routes and more.

Lower speed limits- Darley Rd 50 (we won that one!), The Crescent 50-40K, Balmain Rd 40, more 40 K zones.

Better lane marking How to mark bike lanes and other facilities for cyclists on-road.

Bike parking in main streets

Women on bikes

Bicycle Counts in Leichhardt and Census Data.

Leichhardt_bikecount18March10.pdf (Super Tuesday bike count)

Kids on bikes. If you are a parent with youngsters learning to ride, support our plans for a learning circuit in Callan Park, near the proposed Regional Skate Park off Balmain Rd. Write to Council in support of a circuit something like the Centennial Park children's circuit.

Dont give me any lip - campaign to remove lips on driveways and access points.

Path etiquette- how to share a path. a guide from Bike Leichhardt.

Whites Creek upgrade. Useful  bike route between Albion St and Brenan St, but needs maintenance and hazard removals, such as protruding service enties near Booth St underpass and numerous road defects in the lane way section.

Johnston's Ck pathway and The Crescent.

Blackwattle Bay Path. Very scenic and flat way to get to Glebe and the City but has a few hazards for cyclists and a history of dog owner/cyclist conflict. See photo essay on Google Photos, and the Path Etiquette page.

The Crescent and City West Link- upgrade for cyclists

Johnston St- no room for bikes on a 6 lane road?


RESOURCES and LINKS- list of useful web sites about cycling, transport, groups, bicycle advocacy.

MPs and Ministers contact details

Leichhardt Councillors - get to know your ward councillors and put in a word for more bike lanes and facilities. (Council was amalgamated in 2016, now part of Inner West Council. Councillors were sacked and an Administrator appointed. Elections will be held in September 2017.

Council Bike Strategy Links and BAC agendas

Leichhardt Council contact details.

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Comment by Bob Moore on April 23, 2013 at 19:03

Johnston St is up before Council tonight. RMS has once again rejected the idea of bicycle lanes, unless angle parking is removed in places. Council of course wants to retain all parking, but they have agreed to do a parking survey. I think there are sections of Johnson St in the north half where angle parking is not required. Some angle parking near Booth St is illegal in my opinion, as it sticks out into the traffic lane. This should be removed, but when RMS proposed removing it a few years ago there was a huge fight with the local community.

item F05 at

Comment by Bob Moore on May 31, 2010 at 18:17
The light rail is to be extended to Dulwich Hill and the Govt's report, including how to incorporate the Greenway, is here- responses by 7 june.
Comment by Bob Moore on February 22, 2010 at 11:38
Metro dead, back to square one. No trains to carry our bikes on! May still be opportunities to do the Rozelle Goods Yard links as part of the White Bay plans for access to the proposed Cruise Ship terminal. A bike/pedestrian link to the Anzac Bridge would be one way tourists could get around and see the sights around the Inner West. A bike route to Balmain might also be popular for tourists wanting to stretch their sea legs- anyway, we will no doubt put in a submission along those lines.
Comment by Bob Moore on July 3, 2009 at 22:17
LBUG and BikeSydney met with the Sydney Metro Environmental Assessment section to discuss what the proposed Metro to Rozelle might mean for cyclists. In their preliminary blurb about the project they said walking and cycling would be given high priority as means of getting to the stations, so we are hoping to hold them to their word. There will be no Park and Ride facilities, so riding to the station could be attractive. A 3km "catchment area" for Rozelle would include Drummoyne and Fivedock, as well as Balmain and Leichhardt.

We also tried to find out if the Metro will take bicycles. This has not been decided as yet, or at least announced.

The Metro project will also possibly allow for cycleway connections along and across the Rozelle Goods Yard.

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