Please note, this website is closing in August 2017. We are now on bikeleichhardt.org.Intending new members should sign up on the new site.

  • Bike Leichhardt Inc* (formerly known as Leichhardt Bicycle Users Group or LBUG) is a community group which advocates for and is seeking better cycling facilities in Leichhardt Municipality (Leichhardt, Lilyfield, Rozelle, Balmain, Annandale) and nearby areas in Inner Western Sydney. We also run regular Sunday bike rides in Sydney and weekend or longer tours around NSW.
  • LBUG was founded in 1990 to encourage cycling and to lobby Council and other authorities for better bike routes and safer roads for cyclists around the Inner West. Bike Leichhardt is one of about 40 BUGs around the state, most affiliated with Bicycle NSW.
  • Bike Leichhardt is open to anyone who is interested in cycling as a form of practical and sustainable transport and as healthy recreation. Annual membership is $10, payable when you join, renewable in December. If you join and pay after September you get the next year as well. Pay into our account online, with your name and "membership" in the payer section.
    Bike Leichhardt Account details: BSB 032134, account number 125315. Also, please send your name and address (an email address is acceptable) to the email address below for our records. This is required under the Association Act.
  • You can also pay a ride leader on a ride or our Treasurer. Again, send your name and email address (and optional address) to the email address below, mentioning "membership".
  • Office bearers are Bob Dunn, President; Bob Moore, Vice President; Mike MacDonald, Treasurer; Phillip Johnstone, Secretary.


Bike Leichhardt Inc. is an Incorporated Association, since October 2010.

Contact Bike Leichhardt on  or tel Bob Moore on 9810 3706 (Home No),

0418 265 301(Mob).

More contact details.

Our constitution can be found here.

BNSW Afilliation details are here.

Minutes of AGMs and meetings

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