Westconnex: the M4-east returns as a Toll-tunnel, rat-running and resumptions

We have a secret Westconnex map showing part of Leichhardt that is to be resumed and turned into 4 to 12 story blocks of flats under the proposed Greiner-NSW Government Westconnex plan. Pollution stacks and tunnel exits will flood our suburb with car exhaust and rat runners.

Find out the details at two meetings:

Leichhardt Town Hall: 10/10/13 at 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Dundas Community Centre: 12/10/13 at 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Come to one of the public meetings to find out more...

  • Bernie HobbsABC science broadcaster, will MC at the Leichhardt meeting, plus speakers: 
  • Dr Michelle ZeibotsResearch Principal, UTS Institute of Sustainable Futures - Michelle is a transport planner, specialising in the analysis of sustainable urban passenger transport systems and had done extensive research into both WestConnex and public transport solutions for Sydney. 
  • Gavin Gatenbyco-convenor of public transport advocacy group EcoTransit Sydney - Gavin is a longstanding campaigner against motorways and for public transport solutions for Sydney. He will outline the route, the impacts and the problems with NSW's WestConnex proposal and look at public transport infrastructure solutions for Sydney.
  • Tom Zubrycki (Leichhardt only)Leichhardt resident and award-winning documentary film maker Tom will show clips from and speak about his 1974 documentary, Fig St Fiasco, documenting a successful residents-led campaign to stop a freeway decimating the inner-Sydney suburbs of Glebe and Ultimo. 

Find out more - http://westconnex.info

             Contact: info@westconnex.info

Edit added March 2016:
What Clover Moore and City of Sydney are saying about the M4 East extension
"It would ruin any hopes of open space in the goods yard"

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are they going to widen the City West Link too, to take the extra vehicles heading to the Anzac bridge?

Yes Bob, there once was a plan to widen the CWL on the northern side where there is a walk/bikeway along most of Parramatta Rd to Balmain Rd route. Since then a childcare centre has been built over part of it (but they can get rid of that, can't they) and bridgework would have to be constructed over the railway cutting at least.Cyclists and pedestrians could be told to take Lilyfield Rd - that hill might be classed as a major public health benefit!

Actually the real problem would be widening Anzac Bridge but here again pedestrians/cyclists could be booted out and the laneway taken for cars. For pedestrians/cyclists they might do a "NipponClipon" hanging off the underside of the AB. Too bad if an extra tall sailing boat wanted to come through, cyclists would cop it again.

Have a say in what Parramatta Rd should look like when it is redeveloped

Also, new route for Westconnex now goes under Leichhardt from Haberfield and emerges near The Crescent in the Rozelle/Lilyfield Goods Yard.
SMH- westconnex-tunnel-grows-by-a-kilometre.

And the latest from the SMH:

Some more here from a new bike coalition of Australian Cyclist Party and Cycle. Bicycle NSW is also calling for a separated cycleway between Parramatta and the City along the Westconnex corridor. It doesnt have to be on or next to the proposed motorway, just so long as it gives a good east-west link. 

They don't even have to build the motorway, the cycleway is justified  on its own merits, probably far more than the motorway is, according to cost/benefit analyses!

Latest on Westconnex and the M4 East extension is that the tollway will tunnel under Leichhardt from Haberfield and emerge in the Rozelle Goodsyard, with new off ramps over VictorIa Rd to the ANZAC Bridge, and then renter a tunnel near The Crescent to head to Camperdown and St Peters. Also, in an extra stage, there would be a tunnel near Gordon St that would go under Rozelle and Balmain and the harbour to the north shore.
See map in attached file. On the face of it the tunnel north would sever Lilyfield Rd at Gordon St, calling into question the proposed cycleway on Lilyfield Rd. It would be possible to use Brenan St instead, or build a bridge across the goodsyard from The Crescent to Lilyfield Rd near Denison St.

Latest Westconnex plan (SMH July 21, 2016) includes a tunnel from Iron Cove Bridge under Rozelle to the Goods Yard  near Easton Park. To counter the claims of loss of open space they now say the motorway will be in a trench when it emerges from the tunnels under Leichhardt and Forest Lodge, and that extensive parklands will be provided in the goods yard area. Artist impressions, which are all we get to see, show bike paths through the yards to White Bay. 


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