The Ning website is up for discussion at tonight's Committee meeting. It is obvious not many members are using it and quite a few seem to be confused by it rather than understand the many features, like Forum, Events, Photos, etc.

The website is really up to members to make interesting, there is only so much I can do before everyone thinks it is a one person show. Anyone can post in the Forum, write a Blog item, add photos etc. You can post about anything remotely concerning bikes and bicycling, or safety or ideas on improving the roads, report potholes, magpies, bad drivers, latest news on cycling. You can RSVP to our rides, although it looks like we may go to Meetup only for displaying rides and RSVPing. That is also up for discussion tonight.

We still have six months or so of Ning on our latest subscription. I need your help to make the site relevant and interesting. Any feedback is welcome. Post a comment!

There is also a Facebook page, check Anyone prefer that way of communicating?

(see comments below for details of new website, which is now live at

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argh no to Facebook please  

Well, the Facebook page is there for those who can bear it:) @bikeleichhardt.
After some discussion the committee has decided to phase out this website on Ning and develop a new website using the Wordpress platform. We have been working on it for a few months. We plan to switch over in a few weeks time, after testing it out.

All current members on Ning will be able to access the new site with their current password and user name/email. Past discussions and events and Groups will also be on the new site. The Ning site will still be there for a while (until about August when the annual subscription ends)if you want to download any past photos or discussions etc, under The new website will have the address, if all goes well!

Anyone with Wordpress and Buddypress skills out there? We would love some feedback or assistance in the testing phase and in tweaking it after it goes live.

the new site is live at This site ( will remain for a while, but I wont be adding any new material. Ride details will be on


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