Ride Leaders and Helpers Wanted - next BNSW course coming up.

To keep our rides going we need trained and certified ride leaders. Bicycle NSW runs a few courses every year, subject to getting the numbers and also their own staff and volunteer resources - it's quite a big day out at Homebush Bay.

Anyone interested in becoming a ride leader should contact me or Bob Dunn. You will need to be a Bicycle NSw member and a Bike Leichhardt member, and you also need a "helper" on the day. This is someone who acts as part of a test ride group that the aspiring ride leader has to take around a course, where various situations can arise, like what do you do if someone is injured or can't continue etc. We can hopefully provide the helper, so if interested in doing that job you can also please let me know.

We pay the cost of the course and as an incentive we will pay 30 % of your next BNSW membership bill(subject to passing the course!).

Edit in Feb 2017: the Feb course is full, next course is likely to be in Aug 2017.
Check the courses here:

Register your interest at eventteam1@bicyclensw.org.au and they will keep you informed.

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Many thanks to Marlene for signing up for the next ride leaders course. If anyone keen on being the "helper" on the day (26 Aug) let me or Mike know. The helper is someone who is part of a group the ride leader has to take around a test course, with a few little surprises thrown in for the prospective leader to deal with, ie you might have to pretend to be suffering from a reaction to some bad coffee at the cafe, - no not that, but some other problem that might confront a leader on a ride.


I'm interested in the bike leaders course on 28 August where/how do I sign up for it and I'll need a helper on the day

Bruce Schirmer

That's great. Seems Mike has already filled you in on the Where and How out at BNSW HQ at Olympic Park, so thanks again. Once you and Marlene complete the course we can have a chat about what rides you would like to lead - selection of some of our faves on Rides and Maps or some new ones.

Anyone reading this and who could volunteer as a "helper" on the day let me and Bruce know.
Congratulations to Marlene and Bruce, our new Ride Leaders. We will now be better able to keep on putting on interesting new rides. One possibility is some regular midweek rides, and maybe Saturday rides. If anyone interested in those let us know.
Next course on Sunday 19 Feb 2017. If interested, Contact me or Bob Dunn or anyone on the exec/ride leaders team.

We pay the cost of the course and we give you a 50 % rebate on your next BNSW membership.
The Feb 2017 course is full, next course is in August. If you are interested in being a ride leader, contact us first to discuss then email eventteam1@bicyclensw.org.au and register your name. They will send details later about the date etc.

we are looking for people who have a good knowledge of the local area and beyond, know the sort of rides we put on, and maybe have a few new ones to add to our calendar.


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