Leichhardt Council remarked all of  Lilyfield Rd to provide a wider bike lane on the uphill sections (most sections, not all uphill bits, eg near Lamb St). The downhill sections become narrower as a result, and the existing shoulder lane is removed. Booth St has also been marked this way.

Cyclists on the downhill sections are expected to ride out towards the centre of the traffic lane ("taking the lane"), away from car doors, and motorists are expected to pass by changing lanes, not squeezing past. 

This may take some adjustment by both parties. So please take it carefully for the next few weeks and months maybe, as everyone gets used to the changes.  Any comments on your experiences on LF Rd would be appreciated.

[Note added in 2016: I havnt had any adverse reports and most cyclists I have spoken to think the new layout works quite well, as a commuter route, if you take the lane on the downhills and keep,away from car doors. Could be improved in a few spots though.]

Some signs like these USA ones (called a BMUFL) have been installed, but they havent been approved for use in Australia as yet. I am trying to get BNSW to push for the inclusion of the signs in the Australian sign manuals.

BMUFL sign as used in USA type4-11.

Edit in May 2015- the signs were installed after RMS approved their use as a trial.

Edit in May 2016- plans are being developed for a two way separated bike path along Lilyfield Rd. See Events for details of a workshop on June 7.

Edit in Nov 2016- version 2 of plan on display on 29/11 at the Leichh Town Hall from 630 pm, see flyer in comments below.

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BMUFL signs were installed in Lilyfield Rd, a first for NSW, in 2015. Not sure if motorists can see the signs, they are a little small.
Probably soon to be removed if the recently announced two way separated cycleway gets built along LF Rd from Hawthorne Canal to Victoria Rd.
A public workshop is to be held on June 7 in the Town Hall, details on Events.
Problem with Lilyfield Rd is of course the steep hill up from the Canal, which the cycleway won't fix, and the awkward pedestrian bridge at Victoria Rd. A better route might be to go through Callan Park or through Leichhardt on Allen St. Anyway, if interested, come to the workshop.
A big crowd at the workshop tonight. Not too many Bike Leichhies, which is a pity. I will write up a report but basically the consensus was that a proposed two way cycleway on the south side was favoured, except for the steep hill section,up from the Canal, where the existing system of uphill bike lane and share the road downhill is preferred. There was an option for a cycleway on the north side of Lilyfield Rd but most people thought that had too many side streets to cross.

There is a website where you can leave comments on a map. There are three options, two way cycleway on the north side, two way cycleway on south side, and two way on south side but with the road widened between Balamin Rd and Denison Rd near Easton Park. Or it could be a combination of these three.


I raised the possibility of an alternative route behind the sound wall of the City West Link from the canal to Balmain Rd, along an existing footpath. This would need widening and some construction, but would get you off the road, and a more gentle climb. They said they would approach RMS.
Latest announcement by State Govt on the Rozelle Rail Yards and where the Westconnex tunnels will emerge.
Artists impressions of lots of green parkland and curvy paths connecting Lilyfield Rd and The Crescent (possibly) and going under the Victoria Rd bridge towards the old Power Station.

I have the feeling this was always the plan, so they could announce the parkland and make everyone love them for "listening to the people".

It will also go a fair way to answering critics of the Bays Precinct plans lacking open space.

Memo to planners: straight paths are much better for cyclists. Also, no need for cyclists to cross the narrow footbridge at Victoria Rd if they can duck off into the Rail Yard park near say Denison St and get to ANZAC Bridge, Glebe, or Balmain via flat off road routes.
The next version of the Lilyfield Rd cycleway plan will be on display on 29 Nov, Tuesday night at 630 pm to 830 pm in Leichhardt Town Hall. Come along and see what the latest plan is, after extensive community input since the last community consultation in June.

Westconnex plans for the Railyards have since been confirmed, there will be an interchange there, with traffic emerging from a tunnel and heading for the ANZAC Bridge, plus a new tunnel under Lilyfield to Iron Cove Bridge. The road will be largely in a cutting as it emerges somewhere near Easton Park, so Lilyfield Rd may have to go over it. Or the cycleway could branch off near Denison St and go into the Railyards, with links to the old Glebe Island Bridge, Balmain, and also to The Crescent and Glebe foreshore. Come along and support these options.
What GHD are saying about version 2 of the plan for LF Rd:

Community feedback on the project and preliminary design options were captured through a design workshop, intercept surveys, project email, phone line and online engagement platform Social PinPoint. Some of the key themes from the feedback include:
• It is important for residents and businesses along Lily eld road to be able to park close to their properties
• Residents need to access the front of their homes for pick-ups and drop-offs, especially for people who
have special needs
• The cycleway must allow for a safe, quick and continuous ride
• All levels of cyclist should be able to use the cycleway as intended, including experienced commuters, recreational riders and people who are less con dent on a bike
• There needs to be a functional and fair design for the cycleway at intersections
• Design on the hill must be safe, whilst allowing for a fast and streamlined ride
• A slower traf c speed for Lily eld Road would increase the safety for both cyclist, car drivers and pedestrians
• Work needs to be done in consultation with WestConnex and other projects in the area to ensure long term success
Alternative routes:
• Consider alternative options to Lilyfield Road for the cycleway

The outcomes from the consultation have been considered by the project team and informed the new layout."

Let's see what the upshot of that is, which is a pretty fair summary of concerns that I and other cyclists who were at the earlier workshop voiced.
GHD are still proposing a two way separated cycleway (bi-di) along the length of LF Rd. They have decided on the cycleway going up Lilyfield Rd hill from the canal on the north side, crossing mary St and Norton St and going as far as Rayner St just before Balmain Rd. There will be a crossing there for cyclists and the bi-di will resume on the southern side all the way past Catherine St, Swaddlings, Gordon St to Victoria Rd.

Some good points, it will make the access to the Victoria Rd footbridge safer, as you won't have to cross over at the busy corner, and you will get a decent run along to Gordon St and Swaddlings away from car doors.

Some bad points, RMS has not committed to replacing the Victoria Rd footbridge, which is too narrow and steep. The bi-di on the steep section of LF Rd is dangerous in many opinions, and it would be better to leave the layout as is, with a nice wide uphill bike lane and share the road downhill.
The bi-Di is too narrow at 2.4 m. The Austroads guidelines suggest 3 m as desirable. When asked why they won't widen it by using some of the unused footpaths along the Railyards side of the road, from Balmain Rd to Swaddlings at Denison St they cite the expense of relocating the kerb! They are spending billions next door on Westconnex but want to save dollars on a cycleway.

Also they have not explored alternatives through the Railyards, and do not appear to have spoken to Westconnex or Urban Growth about opportunities to bypass the Victoria Rd footbridge completely.

We and the new IWBC will be seeking to meet with GHD and go through these issues.
Further to the opportunities in the Railyards, we received a letter from Westconnex saying there will be a network of bicycle routes in and across the proposed new park. See attached file.
Letter from Westconnex


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