Callan Park is being handed over to Leichhardt Council soon (when they can sort out some details of land and costs). A masterplan is being prepared and there is a website where you can add your comments. I went to the first meeting last Saturday and put in my ideas about how use of the park by cyclists.

The things I have been pushing (through the Council's bike committee and earlier planning workshops) are:

An off road bike path along the Balmain Rd frontage to provide an alternative to the busy road. This would start behind the Ambulance HQ off Wharf Rd and go through Callan Park to exit at the main gate, or possibly could extend along the footpath to Manning St. There is a map of a proposed route and other proposed cycle facilities on Google Maps.

A children's cycling circuit similar to the one in Centennial Park. This could go on the flat grassed area opposite Alberto St or the area opposite Grove St. (also marked on the google map). Another ready made area is the large car park behind the main Kirkbride complex (now College of the Arts buildings).

Repair of the very poor surfaces of roads in Callan Park.

More access points to the park for cyclists- at Grove St, Alberto St, off Manning St and improved access off Wharf Rd at Garden Way.

Support for a criterium road race around the park once a year- run by licensed racing clubs or groups. (Suggested by Anthony Challinor at Velofix in Rozelle.)

Please have a look at the masterplan website link above and add your support for cycling facilities in the Park. There is some more under CAMPAIGNS on the top bar.

Any other ideas? Add them to this discussion.

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Went to another Callan Park Masterplan workshop today. Quite a crowd of interested people there.

We looked at the overall planning principles for the Park and also more specific points of design and usage. There is a wide range of options for the park and a wide range of interested groups, such as bushcarers, gardeners, dog owners, sporting groups, walkers, cyclists, health and fitness, computer buffs looking for a museum site, artists, and more.

The table I was on looked at Transport, Walking and Cycling. Ideas put forward were:

1. Encouraging Active Transport (public transport,walking,cycling) as a way of getting to the Park and exploring the Park.

2. Keeping cars out of the Park or at least reducing car usage to a minimum. Car parking only in some designated areas such as in the existing car park on western side of the Kirkbride (College of the Arts) complex, and a possible underground car park at end of Glover St (under the raised playing field). Also to formalise the car park off Garden Way behind the Ambulance HQ, now used as a defacto car park by the Orange Grove Market patrons. No car parking on internal roads, including by the water at the lower sport oval. Look at banning car parking along the Balmain Road frontage so bike lanes can be marked along Balmain Rd. Consider non resident parking restrictions for surrounding residential streets to discourage parking by visitors to Callan Park.

3. A minibus to take people and gear from Balmain Road into the Park- eg to the lower sports ovals.

4. Closing some internal roads to cars or allowing cars only for carrying the disabled or those with special needs. Ensure internal roads are repaired and safe for cyclists, with bicycle friendly traffic control devices, if used. Maintain or improve circulation and access for cyclists, particularly around the Kirkbride complex.

5. Construction of some internal paths for walking and cycling, to improve access or provide short cuts, better grades, etc. One important path would be along the Balmain Rd frontage from Wharf Rd to Cecily St (inside the brick wall) to provide an alternative to the busy road.

6. Children's cycling circuit, bmx track, skate bowl. Most likely position somewhere along the Balmain Rd frontage.

7. Creating more access points for walkers and cyclists, eg along Balmain Rd at Alberto, Grove and The Boulevarde, and off Manning St at Moodie St.

8. Making sure identified bike routes to the Park are well signed and up to standard (including Bay Run and Balmain Road) and part of a joined up network.

9. Include Callan Park as a destination on the proposed Greenring cycling route around Inner Sydney (City to Lilyfield, Bay Run, Hawthorne Canal, Greenway, Cooks River, Alexandria, City)

10. Possible cafe/bike workshop/meeting room along the lines of the proposed Bike Hub in the City at Oxford St. Could be shared with other groups. Located near the Bay Run.


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